South African Insights – Craft Gin

Jun 20, 2018 | Trends and insights

Local Insights is a GLBA initiative, sharing local trends in each of the 6 countries we represent.

The rise in the craft liquor trend in South Africa shows no sign of slowing down and there’s an increasing number of homegrown gin distilleries who are rising to the occasion.

Increasingly, South African consumers want to have control over what is going into their products and liquor is no exception. Younger consumers are more open to experimenting with flavours and with its unique botanical properties, gin is the perfect candidate.

With craft gin flavours ranging from Chilli to Rooibos flavours (a unique local plant popular worldwide for its antioxidants and used mainly as tea) and even alcohol-free gin, traditionalists may not approve, but it is proving popular with its younger target market.

Another trend is localisation of craft gin brands, with gin brands utilising produce unique to the area it is distilled in – an environmentally conscious approach which sits very well with consumers. Cheers!