Future thinking ideas to an engineered, strategic solution

To craft innovative brands and packaging for the world, to build deeper connections.


Digital /Technology/Smart
E-commerce, tech innovations, labelling and prolonging shelf life, data capture, online shopping insights, augmented reality connections, and Nano-technologies through print and App development – technology is shaping the market. bstrat have access to cutting edge technology and are able to develop for the market and beyond, into the future. Brands need to be more responsive in record time, more regionally relevant to the ‘Woke’ consumer, with Omni-channel engagement using consumer insights.
With the rise of the Conscious Consumer, protecting the environment is a forefront thought. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. With lobby groups pointing the finger at packaging, brands are right in the firing line. Only by showing that a brand is working towards a solution, will this growing barrier to purchasing be overcome.
Cost Optimization
Innovation is a useful tool for cost reduction, increasing market share and reducing cost to company, without running the risk of stripping the brands assets and consumer relativity. We provide innovative, technically feasible and engineered solutions to meet cost reduction targets.
Convenient Technology
Thinking form, through structure, engineering, bio-degradable, user-friendly, multifunctional, and truly differentiable; we take on challenges of creating packaging structures that solve practical problems.