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Creating a 360-degree experience of the Vamara brand

In 2016, Vamara required a retail business as a stand-alone entity representing over 40 countries in Africa. bstrat were the chosen partners to build this identity with Vamara through to launch.

The goal was to create the brand story, purpose and portfolio strategy for Vamara including roll-out for growth in the FMCG territory. Their vision was to become one of the leading branded consumer product businesses in Africa and selected International markets, with the mission to satisfy the growing middle-lower class with a quality range of branded products at affordable prices.

bstrat defined the purpose by posing questions to the brand: Why do we exists? What do we do? How do we do it? What are our Values? The strategy focused on regional portfolio migration combination and branding based on consumer insights & relevance. We then focused on their Architecture to align with this purpose, focusing on innovation, passion and determination, their core values.

A unified company with a substantial retail business with a portfolio of products and brands aligned to the overall purpose and vision of the group.