Peri-Proud Packaging:

Creating the Iconic Brand and Bottle Design for Nando’s Peri-Peri Sauce

Nando’s Restaurants in South Africa, UK, and Australia had evolved to a more sophisticated in-store design, rather than a fast food range. When bstrat was appointed in 2008, the Retail range had last been revamped in 2005 meaning the packaging design was outdated compared to the contemporary look & feel of the restaurants. The on-shelf impact of the Retail range was also recessive. With the expansion of Nando’s across more categories such as Dry Spice, Snacking and Condiments; the heart of the Nando’s brand, the Peri-Peri sauces glass bottle, did not match the passion and vision of the Nando’s Group, as this was a general trade bottle.

To move the Brand platform from the General Trade (GT) bottle to an iconic brand statement through a recognizable and ownerable new iconic bottle, and to establish a globally relevant and locally appropriate brand identity through design.

It was important to remain distinctive with Nando’s Brand Equity to move from the generic GT bottle to an iconic and registerable packaging that protected the brand against copy-cat competitors and captured their brand values.

By aligning with Nando’s visual brand and strategic purpose, we elicited emotional connection with consumers. This was done through showcasing Nando’s passion for its origin. This resulted in an iconic and ownerable bottle shape, routed in authenticity by going back to the origin of the brand being born out of Africa, with Portuguese heritage. The newly designed iconic and innovative bottle and brand was registered as IP of Nando’s. with a focus on engineering, factory audit for compatibility on the line, and cost optimization per bottle produced. There was a clear need to focus on functionality when transported and dispensed including being environmentally friendly. This was done by creating a bottle that adapted seamlessly to other volumes.

We aided in securing ownership of the Per-Peri category through an increase of on-shelf impact with registered design and bottle shape, including Brand Identity. It aligned to the new contemporary restaurant feel internationally at the time, and aligned design across the retails ranges. The innovative merchandising tactics ensured retention of Per-Peri customer base and increased mark growth by over 25%.