Packaging strategy for convenience and the new consumer:

Migrating Bioplus from pharmaceutical to the trending market

Bioplus was launched in the early 70’s as an energy tonic that could only be purchased at pharmacies. The range was then extended into effervescent in 1992. At this time Bioplus was a very medicinal product. There was then a strong need to penetrate the convenience market as well as the retail market.

In 2017, Bioplus needed to refresh itself, with its current packaging being a main focus. There was a deep need to refresh the brand and align it to a more fast moving consumer market through packaging while appealing to younger consumers.

bstrat needed to move Bioplus into a space where it not only gave the extra boost when one is studying or working late shifts, but needed to be the energy source in all aspects of one’s life. This was done through a brand strategy and packaging revamp.

Through the new packaging, bstrat moved Bioplus from the traditional pharmaceutical space and effectively introduced the brand as a more convenient energy option.