Following the eyes of the consumer:

Revamping on-shelf packaging navigation and impact for Beeno dog biscuits

While our pets can’t buy the food of their choice, as much as they would like to, we try to pick the best choice for them. Packaging can often be confusing to a consumer when trying to find the product they need if the segments and products are not clear defined by colour, placement and naming on pack. This creates navigation issues for the consumer, resulting in them walking away from that product to one that is easier on the eyes and brain.

In 2018, bstrat were brought on board to redefine the purpose of their packaging architecture. The goal was to develop a clear navigation of pack information and demystify the consumers understanding of the product, and leverage unique and distinctive assets of the brand to create maximum impact in a busy competitive space.

We created a multi-tier architecture based on luxury and natural dog biscuits treats, and created packaging form and shape that aligned with this architecture. The pack design and colour segmentation created easier navigation and branding impact on-shelf.

A Masterbrand with clearly designed segments, including new innovation that rested well within the new Architecture.